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Saturday, October 3, 2009


TRASH HUMPERS, Directed by Harmony Korine

Okay, this was... funny? He and his wife dressed up, filming each other on VHS, running around, doing...slightly transgressive things? His easiest film to date. I was into it and got it after the first twenty minutes. And then I waited for two hours. I have much respect for this man, but I think he used to create films that mirrored his life- and now he has to reach too far to get to that same place. Why don't his films evolve with his own life changes? The last scene got closest to where he is now- I think that would have been a perfect beginning.

ANTICHRIST, Directed by Lars Von Trier

This is a battle of art vs. story, and I think art wins. The story is fantastic, but stops short of something truly remarkable. But it's close. (Charlotte Gainesbourg is writing a thesis on "gynocide" and had this thought process and image presentation been pushed to a conclusion it would have been a cult triumph!) Besides a lack of "message" in this film and it's deeply disturbing imagery, it feels real. This film is pure expression- Von Trier claims it was a result of his extreme depression. I would guess that depression had to do with a really crazy woman. This is a feature installation, really, and should be watched late at night if at all possible. Imagine Bill Viola in Hell. One of the more graphically violent films in my recent memory. And also one of the most beautiful.


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