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Friday, September 18, 2009


Mnemonica Trailer 1 from chris deleo on Vimeo.

I have been working on this strange and wonderful film with director Chris Deleo for the past year...and is done! I play a ghost, Meghan, that haunts the hell out of Bucky Kapps, preventing him from carrying on a perfectly decent romance with his suitress, Alice Klosterman. As he gets closer to realizing/remembering what trouble I got into that ultimately destroyed me, his world collapses into a symphony of disturbing images delivered by a cast of otherworldly characters. Will Bucky make it? WATCH TO FIND OUT.

The director, Chris Deleo, is a professional magician, as is the leading actor and much of the crew! Chris' tricks are...freaky. And incredible! My favorite trick is when he guesses what you write on a piece of paper from across the room. HOW DOES HE DO THAT? MNEMONICA was filmed in Seaford, Long Island, where Chris turned part of his house into a beautiful set. Working with this crew was like living in the movie as reality blended before my very eyes into surreal adventures. Someday the whole story will be told, but for now just know it was epic. Each visit to Seaford was like a trip to another dimension. This film is blessed with that breath of the supernatural that is a cloud around this director and his close knit community. I know this film will intrigue and captivate audiences everywhere...stay TUNED!

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