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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Epic Islands and half baked concepts of mis-perceptions of loving concern, enthusiasm and general passion

I don't think I could spend any more time waiting for computers to be done with what I am long over. I want to burn something. It is 3. AM. After this finishes in an hour, I take it to a 24 processing lab to get a copy. Then I watch it. Then I go to print shop and jump on least there is an open clean place awaiting me to blankly celebrate.

In the last week I have gone from going to bed at 5 to waking up at 5 three times in 3 day intervals. But it feels good to have a reason. Feels so good to have a reason. I've been looking for a reason, haven't you? And when it's gone. Tomorrow. I hope I find a new one soon. The time in between reason goes quicker now that there are fewer common mysteries.

The last time there, 4th of July, was paramount. Fireworks and folk, hiding and hallucinating. And then the longest, deepest, laughter that I remember like a photograph. She is sooo clever.

This time, I hope for peace. And I almost have it. Tried so hard to get it and I'm gonna hold on tight. It gets slippery and the lights are bright and there is screaming from below but I am good at this.

No wonder. New moon. 

Tomorrow will come too soon. 

Newport International Film Festival
Screening Friday and Saturday. 
Props in Boston Globe, singled out, a "must see", not bad, not bad...

(Except for the fact that no one has seen the new version, I love surprises.)

Meanwhile we listen to Bush declare War on Youtube. I have been at a convention that declared the youth does not read anymore, they do not go outside, there eyes only look up and down (not side to side), their backs are damaged and they have carpal tunnel, all from the computer. So the big question is, how do we market to them ON the computer? What can we sell them for their new ailments? I know! Vibration! Sound! Lights! Action! The future is upon us. 

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