Are you happy today?

Friday, May 2, 2008


The book is done and read. The plane didn't actually crash. Well it did, but I didn't die. Just felt like it.

Just saw "Mister Lonely". The boy has gone and smoked too much crack with Rambo. If it happens again its good news for all of us. If he doesn't, well we all done gone and ruined ourself in the middle of the night at the bonfire. These fumes don't wash out.

Flying nuns- Melissa the predictor of the endless end said that's me. Stop killing me. She is good. She is evil. She is both. She is neither. But they all crash in the end. Broken planes and nuns. Coincidences are mounting as usual. Half good. She has prophesied life and water. She says Jeanne was a part of it. Melissa's incandescent interpretation flies.

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