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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Epic Normalaties

Her second friend put her foot over her mouth and she did not object, just pointed at at the left ceramic knob. Her first friend turned up the hot, and her own eyes stayed closed. The three sat in silence, the two friends on the edge of the tub, and one submerged. They all thought the same thoughts. 

After an hour the submerged emerged in an explosion of dripping, looking at her feet, made large in the tepid water. She did not say what she thought but offered, “ I have never felt so much like an animal. I feel like there is just two ways this story can end and I feel very unoriginal. Very unoriginal. I have to sleep.” Naked, she stumbled out and away. The two still on the edge stared at the pattern the bath mat had left on her butt and legs as she left the room, "unoriginal," she repeated softly to herself. 

The word was unfamiliar. The first friend looked to the second, who was just falling asleep against the damp tile wall, eyes blinking slower and slower. 

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